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How do I post a picture?

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How do I post a picture?

Post  Omega on Wed Jun 30, 2010 12:03 am

How do I post pictures?
There are different ways to get pictures on this forum. For those of you who don't have photo-hosting websites, the following paragraph will tell you how.

To post a picture without a photo-hosting websites you must first get the photos onto your computer (either put the memory card in or use the cord the camera came with to download them.) Once you have done that, click the "Post Reply" or "New Topic" button. Once you are there, you should see a dark red box (where you can enter text) and several tiny buttons above it. The button you need to click is the one that looks like a tree with a blue floppy disk in front of it. Click it and smallbox will pop up. Click "browse" or "select file" or whatever s there depending on what browser you use. Next, find the picture on your computer and select it. Wait for "Servming" to upload it and copy the text in the middle box and paste it in your post. Click preview or post and you're done!

Using Photo-Hosting Sites


First you must post your picture in Flickr. Once you have done that, you must go to its photo page and click "All Sizes" above the picture. Click medium for the picture size and copy the URL provided. Come back to the forum and put "<img>" but with "[]" instead of "<>", without the quotations then the picture's URL and then put "<img>", but with "[]" instead of "<>" and again without putting the quotations and then just post it!


To use Brickshelf you must first post the picture of the Creation and wait for it to be moderated. Once that is done, click the folder of the creation and click the thumbnail of the creation. This should take you to a page that is in brickshelf with the picture in it. Click the picture or the show full size button. Copy the URL in the address bar and put after it. Post the post/topicand you're done!

Any questions you have, post below.

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