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The main body of rules:

Creating an account
1.This is not a forum for young people. We recommend you wait until you are 13 to join.
2.You are only allowed one account, so if you are caught with having more than one account, you will get banned.

Member rules
1.Be kind to other members. There is no reason to be disrespectful. If you really dislike a member, put them on your ignore list.
2.Don't overuse smilies. If you post a message where there are more smilies than text, it will be deleted.
Hai guys! Smile Shocked Laughing Mad Very Happy
3.There is no limit to how many smilies you use, but try to keep it under 10.
4.There will be no spamming. Spam posts will be deleted.
5.In MOC creation threads, one Gallery link is allowed.
6.Use correct grammar. If English is not you're first language, please make an attempt to make it readable.
7.This is a mature forum, so you will get knocked down by your fellow builders. Fear not, for we are only trying to help you.
8.Please don't advertise anything here. You are limited to your signature and Admin's are the boss of what is advertising. If you wish to trade, you must PM the user who has what you want/need. Please make use of the Buy/Trade/Sell forum.
Keep swearing to a minimum and the words are censored.
9.There will be no animated .GIF's for avatars.
10.You can't advertise with your avatar.
11.Please don't revive old topics. Mod's will say judge what topics are dead and which. It tends to be 1-2 weeks of inactivity in the thread.
12.Colored text is for Staff only.
13.You need the Authorization code to join: 49572BD
14.Signatures may contain 4 quotes or less. If it is a picture, it must remain 600x125 or less.

Here are the rules for the Chat box or C-Box.
ChatBox Rules

-Don't spam. Strikes can be counted as it is in the normal forum.
-Try to use good grammar.
-Normal Forum Rules apply.
-This is where you can openly discuss anything on your mind.

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